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Don’t let your family memories fade away…


Our video professionals will convert your family's old 8mm, Super 8mm or 16mm home movies into an easy to view digital DVD. No more hassle with projectors, screens, reels and bad bulbs. Just insert the DVD, push play and enjoy.

Video Conversion 16mm, Home Movies in Pickerington, OH

How much film do you have?

Reel Diameter Feet 8mm Super 8 16 mm
3" 50 3:30 min 3:00 min 1:30 min
4” 100 7:00 min 6:00 min 3:00 min
5” 200 14:00 min 12:00 min 6:00 min
6” 300 21:00 min 18:00 min 9:00 min
7” 400 28:00 min 24:00 min 12:00 min

We treat your film as if were our own! Our trained technicians clean, condition and repair any tears or broken splices. Then, using our state-of-the-art telecine system, we transfer your film frame by frame and convert it into a smooth, flicker-free digital video. This process produces a higher quality transfer, and you will not lose anything from your film.

Ask about our custom chapter titles and DVD menu editing.

Imagine what a hit you’ll be at the next family gathering when you show up with “the old home movies” on DVD. It’s a great gift idea!

No need to worry about your memories being shipped out of town. Your transfer will be completed at our in-house studio.